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Tears in the Jungle

Sydney brothers, Daniel and William Clarke are on a quest to save the orangutan from extinction.

Together, they’ve written a children’s book, Tears In The Jungle, which follows their trek into the jungles of Borneo to see the orangutan in the wild.

The fact that Daniel has cerebral palsy did not slow them down as they traveled upriver to Camp Leakey, the research base of the Orangutan Foundation International.

The book follows their amazing encounters with orangutans at the feeding stations and with the beautiful babies at the care centres. Dotted throughout are many facts and figures about the orangutan, which is one of our closest living animal relatives.

Tears In The Jungle is an inspirational book. It’s also a fun and educational way for children to learn about the environment and understand how they can make a difference to their world.

The book is available in hard and soft copy. It can be purchased online at tearsinthejungle.com. It’s a fabulous story and would make a great Christmas present!


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  1. Helen Ryan says:

    Last night’s ‘Australian Story’ left me with tears streaming down my cheeks. Daniel and William you are both amazing young men with such compassionate hearts and I congratulate you on everything you are doing in your quest to save the orangutans. I myself am an animal lover, actively involved with protection of all sentient beings and I have a vegan lifestyle. Animals are our friends and deserve our love and care. Once again thank you.

  2. kerry rapley says:

    To the parents of Daniel and William, congratulations of having such beautifull sons, you must be so very proud. I watched them today on a talk show whilst at work, re; their journey in Borneo and their interactions with the orangutans, I cried, it was a pleasure and so beautiful to watch and I would love to cuddle an
    orangutan, what a pleasure and joy and thankyou for what you are doing for thses animals, it would be an honour to buy your book, Congratulations, well done, good on you and keep going for these beautiful animals. Kerry Rapley

  3. Dear Daniel and William,
    Your recent “Australian Story” has been one of the best I’ve ever
    watched.It is hard to find words to describe my admiration for
    the way you and your family find the strenght to help the rest of the world to understand how important it is that we all help to ensure that the magestic Urangutans can keep existing comfortably in the wild.
    Many years ago, my husband and I were fortunate to backpack and experience first hand the wonderful work done in Sepilok / Borneo
    with their rehabilitation project.
    Once you have looked close up into the eyes of an Uragutan, you
    can never ever forget the strong connection we have with them.
    This powerful feelings come back each time I recall the encounter.
    And in the wild it is much more intense than seeing them in the zoo.
    Your Australian Story has impressed our family greatly.Thank you
    from the bottom of our hearts for the great work you do, including creating and publishing the children’s book with the
    fitting title: “Tears in the Jungle”.
    Thank you especially for not just keeping the strong feelings to yourself, but to use all your talents, skills and energy to find various ways to actively bringing this important message to our children and the communities they live in, in such beautiful and
    enduring ways. Thank you to your family and supportive friends.
    I have not forgotten to recontact your mum to order several books for our grandchildren and child care centres and school libraries they belong to.
    With proud and loving regards to you all
    Margret and Herbert

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