Cerebral Palsy Alliance

A cure for cerebral palsy?

Regular readers of my blog would know my son Daniel (14) has had cerebral palsy all his life.  While his CP only limits his movement, mostly to a wheelchair, we are fortunate that he has the gift of a great mind and can articulate himself and his needs through speech albeit with difficulty.  He has faced a lot of obstacles in his short life, as detailed in my blog, however it is a life for which he knows no different.

As parents we recently we found ourselves in a situation where the question was posed to Daniel, “If you were able to have an operation to remove your cerebral palsy, or lessen its effect, would you?”.

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Disabled Parking Nazi

Notice to the General Public: Put your brain into gear and your mouth in neutral!!!

If you still don’t understand what I mean…  use your eyes and your brains FIRST before using your mouth! I am so FED UP with my wife and I being abused by people for using disabled parking spots, when transporting my son, just because we (the drivers) are able bodied.

Is it not enough that our lives are complicated through having a child with a disability that we have to be inflicted by people who believe it is their right to launch a verbal assault on my wife and I, for using a disabled parking spot, without politely inquiring first?

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That’s what I look like !!

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself from the side and realised, “That’s what I look like!”? Perhaps (like me) you have seen a photo that has captured the back of your head and realised that you are thinning on top. For most people, we see ourselves in a mirror everyday and become well acquainted with what we look like. However, what if the house you lived in didn’t have a mirror at your level and you had gone your entire life without being tall enough to reach one?

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The Little Things

Looking after a child, or in fact anyone, with a disability takes its toll on the carer’s body. It’s the little things that we, as carers, do on a regular basis that slowly wear us down. The effort required is 24 hours a day and our bodies don’t get a chance to repair. Most of the solutions to assist us are aimed at the big tasks such as lifting him in and out of, say, a bed, bath, or toilet, but there are so many mundane tasks that wear you down.

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