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Online Shopping … the Pink Dr. Marten Adventure

I am by no means a hermit, but I freely and joyfully admit that, these days, I rarely set foot inside a store. Unfortunately – for my bank balance that is – this doesn’t mean that I don’t buy things. No, it just means that 90% of the time I buy things online. Read more: Online Shopping … the Pink Dr. Marten Adventure

Autumns’ Child

I have ‘favourite’ everythings (I’m a passionate person), I even have favourite seasons. Mine are the chilly months of, well, winter but more particularly I adore autumn. I even have an autumn leaf tattoo.

Why I am so profoundly in love with these seasons? There are many reasons, although I can’t deny that it starts with the clothes. I love winter coats and boots, and I love the need to layer and scarf up before I leave the house. You can wear more and be more imaginative. You get to see people’s personal style more clearly when it’s cooler. All the colours are just richer somehow.

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Body image

I’m a woman and I have cerebral palsy. Those are two facts that haven’t always played well together and sometimes they still don’t. I might, for the most part, have a positive outlook. I might be well aware of what really matters. All of that aside, I’m still a typical woman and, sometimes, I don’t like what having cerebral palsy has done to my body.

I’ve had surgeries that have left me with scars and, in some cases, bones or muscles parts missing here or there. I have unique body postures that have left certain parts equally unique. I have my mother’s chest, but I certainly missed out on her legs. I’ve always wanted nice girly shoulders, but, I as can lift my body weight with my arm, the chances of nice narrow shoulders were always well, pretty slim.

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I know I’ve said that I don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about how I might have been if things had begun differently, but I do have an alter ego. A friend of mine calls her Vixen.

Vixen is the one who would wear dramatic eye makeup and shoes with ridiculously high heels. She’s the one who would save her money (or max her credit card) to fly to Melbourne for the week, just because she felt like it.

She likes cotton, but also lace. She has about ten Siamese fighting fish that she always forgets to feed, but somehow they and their beautiful tails live on She lives in long skirts and dresses that hit the floor.

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