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Ten reasons I should be paid to stay home

10. I’m more of a night person than a day person. Thus, it could be seen as intrusion into my ‘beliefs’ to make me work on any day ending in ‘day’. They all do, so I really should stay home.

9. Gold Class cinema is way more entertaining than office meetings. And they serve popcorn.

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Detox and Disability

Ok, so I’m detoxing myself. Boring, huh? Yeah, well not really. When you can’t move around easily, such adventures take planning.

I’m drinking about 1.5 litres of water a day. That’s a lot for me. I used to drink two glasses a day, if that. Initially, I was running to the loo every 5 seconds … now it’s about every hour or so. I’ll have to drink less on the days that I’m out and about – when toilets aren’t so readily available or accessible. I have also been drinking it all before 3 pm so I’m not busting in the middle of the night – when I can’t get myself out of bed. Busting all night does not make for comfy sleep, trust me.

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Crumbs – the mysterious traveller

I’ve just had lunch. I found it inspirational. I had a crusty roll, man, can their ‘skin’ travel! As a person who cannot lean forward, crumbs, at times, have a constant presence on me. My bathroom floor can attest to the situation. On the few occasions when I rise to my feet each day, the floor becomes acquainted with almost every meal I’ve eaten …

Now, I realise crumbs may not be an issue for you. You may not have thought about it before, but well, it’s my duty to open the minds of others and let me tell you crumbs, they can be an issue!

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Upon reflection

I had a number of epiphanies this morning. It could have been caused by a lack of sleep – I went to bed at 11 pm (homecare late shift) and got up at 6 am (homecare early shift) – it could also be the result of too much coffee, but either way …

Firstly, I really want shoulder dips. You know that natural dip in people’s shoulders that is handy for keeping straps up? Mine aren’t pronounced because my shoulders are muscly and, well, my straps fall down so I’d like some. If someone could get me some, I’d be grateful. Fingers that splay are handy for drying a manicure.
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