Cerebral Palsy Alliance


Hi Guys, I’m Freya

I’m in my late twenties. My great loves are the creative arts, particularly music and creative writing.

I have cerebral palsy (CP). In my case it means that I can’t walk very easily – I use a chair most of the time, although I can stand to transfer and stuff, and walk with help when necessary. I can’t use my left arm very easily either.

I went to uni where I wholeheartedly put the ‘social’ in Bachelor of Social Science… I’m not to sure what it was I learnt whilst there. (Sorry mum.)

I love shopping, boot shopping – fourteen pairs at last count can attest to that. I love eBay mainly for its offering of the unique and different, especially in reference to clothes.

I – much to the dismay and misunderstanding of my parentals – have five tattoos. I love them, they are a reflection of who I am, of what I believe and yes, I want another one.

The current love of my life is my four month old kitten. It’ll be a tough call finding a man I love as much as her. She rocks. It’s that simple.

Much of my spare time is spent in the inner city of Sydney in negotiating various technically inaccessible venues in order to see one of the many bands I love. My love of all things ‘indie’ and rare and many and various but top of the list are Love Outside Andromeda, Epicure, The Devoted Few, Magic Dirt, The Red Paintings..

Ahh, my pretties, how I love you all.

Music is my evidence that no matter who we are, no matter our abilities, we all have the same feelings and thus if we really want to we can all relate to each other. No one is really that different from anyone. It may be strange but even the darkest of songs is reassuring to me.

It is for this reason that I have a great affection for Melbourne – Arts ‘capital’ of Australia … It is my master plan for life to marry a muso and move to Melbourne – let you know how that goes.

I love writing. It’s in my blood – good thing I’m starting a blog, huh? I’ve written something almost everyday for the last ten years. I write anything that comes into my head at anytime. The note section of my mobile is full of random thoughts and phrases that pop into my head when I’m without a pen to draw with. Aforementioned ’master plan for life’ includes a basement writer’s studio. I love Latin and should really learn it at some point.

My job involves increasing community awareness surrounding disability. I go to primary schools and talk to kids, to share the life and times. It’s always an adventure; I’ll share some of them with you as we go.