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Okay, I just turned thirty. I’m really a grown up. Five years over what is officially considered ‘youth’. One of my favourite ten year olds informed me that I was ‘three times his age’ as he was teaching me how to use my new laptop … That whole sentence proves that I am approaching senility, doesn’t it?

I’m thinking that when you get past twenty four, it’s just your outsides that age. Your insides are still enjoying the party. I have a new appreciation for plastic surgery, as well as a possessiveness of my own teeth.

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I know I’ve said that I don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about how I might have been if things had begun differently, but I do have an alter ego. A friend of mine calls her Vixen.

Vixen is the one who would wear dramatic eye makeup and shoes with ridiculously high heels. She’s the one who would save her money (or max her credit card) to fly to Melbourne for the week, just because she felt like it.

She likes cotton, but also lace. She has about ten Siamese fighting fish that she always forgets to feed, but somehow they and their beautiful tails live on She lives in long skirts and dresses that hit the floor.

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Most people with cerebral palsy have had at least some experiences with hospitals. I am of the generation where surgery was the answer to everything. I think that if I were to add it all up, I would have spent about a year of my life in hospital. Medicine and I, we have history.

I had my first hip surgery when I was eight. I remember feeling ripped off as it was either on the day of my birthday, or the day before. I was in a long body cast for about ten weeks, which kinda sucked, but it was okay. My parents snuck a kitten into the ward as a birthday gift. My brothers also came to see me whenever they could. One of my brothers mastered the art of making blow up animals and chicken heads with sterile gloves, a talent he still retains today.

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Crumbs – the mysterious traveller

I’ve just had lunch. I found it inspirational. I had a crusty roll, man, can their ‘skin’ travel! As a person who cannot lean forward, crumbs, at times, have a constant presence on me. My bathroom floor can attest to the situation. On the few occasions when I rise to my feet each day, the floor becomes acquainted with almost every meal I’ve eaten …

Now, I realise crumbs may not be an issue for you. You may not have thought about it before, but well, it’s my duty to open the minds of others and let me tell you crumbs, they can be an issue!

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