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The Three Faces of Eve

I’m never quite sure how I feel about having cerebral palsy. I don’t think I have a permanent opinion about it, but rather a perspective that shifts daily and sometimes from moment to moment.

When I was younger I had a porcelain doll called Eve. She had a rotating head with three faces, each with a different expression. My feelings toward cerebral palsy shift much like Eve’s three faces.

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The Perfect Day

One of the questions kids often ask me is, “What are the two things you would do if you could do everything most other people can do?” I have more than two things that I would do. In fact, I have a whole day planned in case that ever happens; I amuse myself in the strangest of ways sometimes.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my perfect day.

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Personal care assessment

I had my “once every few years” personal care assessment this morning. I realise that these are important to both the carer and myself, and that occupational therapists (and such) have their job to do.

It would, however, be really nice if all those involved kept in mind the following:

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Goodbye ‘Green’ machine (2001- 2008)

After seven years, I’ve just recently got a new electric chair … I’m excited but also kind of nostalgic for my poor old ‘Green’. When you rely on something all day, everyday, to move, it becomes more than an object, it becomes part of your life. As such, it has many moments and much history attached.

Here’s some of what ‘Green’ and I have driven through together (in no particular order):

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