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Questions Kids Ask

You know how I mentioned that one of my jobs is to go into schools to talk to kids about disabilities? Well, I thought it was about time that I share some of those adventures with you.

Hold on to your hats people. It’s going to be an interesting ride!

The thing I’ve learnt is that kids, unlike most adults, have no inhibitions. They have absolutely no qualms about saying or asking whatever they are thinking. This can lead to some great insights and learning – on my part and on theirs. There are also a few ‘what the …’ moments and many just plain amusing moments.

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Welcome to Freefall

This blog is a writers’ dream … no seriously, it is. I can blog every week. It is also my chance to show, to really show, that people with disabilities are not only people, but people with interests and concerns that extend way beyond and outside of the realms of their disabilities.

We do, in fact, have lives. We have jobs, families, music addictions, relationships, crazy pets and even the occasional opinion on the happenings of the world. Some of us have tattoos as well and sometimes we have no idea what we are doing and where we are going to end up. Sound familiar?

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How to be an ‘indie’ fan (when you’re already a little alternative)

Being an ‘indie’ fan in Sydney is always interesting.

‘Indie’ music by, its very nature, is out of the mainstream. It’s the stuff you hear on Triple J, FBI and such. It is music by bands that are ‘independent’; they are as yet, or have chosen to remain, unattached to any of the major record labels.

Neither can such music be heard playing in mainstream venues. Indeed not. Think inner city pubs in suburbs with names that, for the most part, will require a street directory search.

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I’m co-habitating with a friend at the moment. Co-habitating is very much the right word … males are a little different after all. Here are ten things I’ve learnt thus far on my journey into the jungle …

1) No matter how well you THINK you know someone, you don’t really know them until you share fridge space with them. You are what you eat and this man has a thing for Salada biscuits, crumpets and pumpkin soup.

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