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About CP Blogs

CP Blogs is a place for people with cerebral palsy (CP), and their family and friends, to come together to share their stories - the fun times and the difficult times - their tips, tricks and ideas.

Each of the blogs has its own unique character and will be full of interesting anecdotes and useful information. We'll cover the big picture and the little things that count in all our lives.

Most of all, we want to hear from YOU. Please take advantage of the comments button and share your thoughts… what's been your experience and what you've found helpful.

We believe in living live to the full, so please join in and make this your space on the web.

About CP

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a physical condition that affects movement.

It is caused by damage to the developing brain, usually before birth. There is no cure for cerebral palsy and for most, the cause is unknown. In Australia, it is estimated that a child is born with CP every 18 hours. Find out more about CP.

CP Blogs

The Scene

By Robyn Cummins

The Scene

Robyn Cummins brings you the best of the rest…

This popular e-bulletin is now a weekly blog. The Scene highlights news, activities, events, websites and classifieds for people with CP and their families. Readers will now be able to contribute straight to The Scene; to easily share their tips, tricks and ideas with others. Live life to the max with The Scene.

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Hey Dad

By Rodney Clarke

Hey Dad

Rodney Clarke, is the dad of 11 year old Daniel who has CP…

The Hey Dad blog is about being a Dad of a child with CP. It's full of stories, tips and strategies and the odd healthy debate or two! 'It will be great to hear from parents around the globe… what our kids are doing and what we are doing for our kids. More than anything I am hoping you will come to recognise (if you haven't already), even with a disability, how our wonderful children are teaching us to stand up, be proud, look life in the eye and say, BRING IT ON!'

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By Freya


Freya is a twenty-something indie band fan who put the word social into her Social Science degree at uni…

The ups and downs of leaving home and making the most of life in the city, with CP, are the themes of this quirky and insightful blog. Join Freya as she navigates the pitfalls of inaccessible music venues in Newtown, sharing a house with a messy bloke, unreliable wheelchair taxis, and the dreaded school reunion. Take a leap into the unexpected with Freya, who (almost always) manages to find the humorous side.

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By Jenny Kapp


Jenny Kapp, is a writer, educator and information technology junkie. She also has CP…

Web2Go opens the door to all the exciting destinations on the World Wide Web. You'll benefit from Jenny's boundless cyber-surfing with freeware, games, blogs, tricks, and virtual worlds to explore. A feature will be the Web 2.0 sites that encourage everyone to be involved. Jenny explains it all in the simplest terms, so anyone can take the leap with Web2Go.

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